Queenstown, Part 1

Happy Monday everyone!

So today I’ll be filling you in on our time in Queenstown, which was one of the cooleset places we visited during our trip. Queenstown is a great little ski town with heaps of cute stores and cafes, and it has a gorgeous waterfront.

Okay, so first thing first. The All Time Worst Camping Experience Ever. Now, like I said before, I was really really trying to be a good sport about the whole camping thing. I hardly complained and it honestly wasn’t that bad….until we got to Queenstown.

Queenstown is COLD. It’s pretty southern, and right by the water which does not help matters. I literally don’t think I have ever been that cold for that long in my entire life. And I was wearing pajama pants, the fuzziest socks in the world, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt and a sleeping bag that was allegedly supposed to be “warm as” (says the Mountain Designs salesman, clearly realizing that I know nothing about camping and will buy anything he tells me to). It was brutal.

Day One

So the next morning, after my hour long, scalding hot shower, we find out that it was actually so cold the night before that Shennel had a mini asthma attack in the middle of the night. At that point we decided that it would be worth the extra $8 per night to sleep in a hostel, but unfortunately we had already paid for the campsite for the next three nights. After having a few choice words with the woman behind the desk (who was very rude and not willing to help), we were told we could get our money back for the next 2 nights, but not that night because it was already past their check out time. Even though it was clearly a health/safety issue. Whatever. We put on our big girl panties and decided to tough it out for one more night.

After that little fiasco, we went to explore the city i.e. eat everything we could get our hands on. Our first stop was Fergburger for lunch, which we were told has the best burgers in all of New Zealand. Unfortunately, they gave me the wrong sandwich but somehow I still managed to push through and eat it all. The best part of the burger was definitely the bread, it was delicious and way better than a regular burger bun. I don’t know what they did to it, but it should be done to every burger ever made.


Once we had eaten lunch, we made our way to the waterfront, where the weekly arts and crafts fair was going on. There were so many cool things, from bracelets to coffee mugs to copper artwork to a tarot card reader (which I resisted even though it was hard).


After roaming around for a while, we decided we were hungry again and headed to Cookie Time for our daily afternoon dessert. The inside was adorable and was decorated with fur covered bar stools, red theatre curtains, and milk on tap which I have decided I need in my house. I got a mini ice cream sandwich (for only $3) which was two warm chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream rolled in either rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, or cookie crumbs. I think we can all guess which one I asked for.


We weren’t really in the mood to go out and drink that night (what is happening to me?!), but because we wanted to stay away from our freezing cold tent as long as possible, we walked around town to try and find something to do for a few hours. We stumbled upon a self-serve wine tasting bar with over 80 different wines to try. Um, yes please. It worked like this: When you walked in, you were handed a card (that looked like a hotel room key) and a glass for sampling. The wines were arranged by color and type, and you could chose to drink a sample, half glass, or full glass of each one. Once you decided on a wine you wanted to try, you inserted your card and pressed a button depending on the amount you wanted. The machine would then add a value to your card, kind of like a bar tab, which you paid before you left. The man working at the time (I think he was the owner?) was really helpful and took the time to show us around and explain how the machines worked. He also was very knowledgable and answered all our questions about the different types of wines. We sampled a few and then relaxed for a while before retreating to our igloo.



Fortunately, this night wasn’t quite as cold as the first night, so we were able to get a little bit of sleep, which was good because the next day we had a day trip to Milford Sound planned and then a night out on the town for a friend’s birthday, which I will tell you all about in the next post 🙂


Have a great rest of your day!!


2 thoughts on “Queenstown, Part 1

  1. Holy freaking cow. COOLEST TRIP EVER! 🙂 I am so freaking jealous. Everything was gorgeous. That ice bar? Amazing.

    I saw you commented on my blog again! Thanks dear. Problem is, you are a “no reply blogger” so I can’t reply to your sweet comments. Email me back and I’ll help you fix it!!! 🙂

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