Queenstown, Part 2

First thing first, today is my best friend in the whole wide world Adora’s 21st birthday!!!! I am so sad I’m not at home to celebrate with her, but I’m sure she will manage to take lots of shots and eat lots of cupcakes without me. Everyone go tell her happy birthday, I’ll wait here.

Okay, now on to less important things.


Day Two 

The next morning we woke up insanely early to catch a tour bus which was taking us to Milford Sound. Milford Sound is a fjord on the Southwest coast of NZ’s South Island, and it’s one of the country’s top tourist destinations. FYI, a fjord is “a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacial activity.” At least that’s what Wikipedia told me.

The trip was about 5 hours long, but our tour guide/driver made sure to stop as frequently as possible to show us cool things along the way and give us a chance to stretch our legs. Lots of good photo ops, naturally.


One of the places we stopped off at was called Mirror Lake. As you can see in the pictures, the mountain range next to the lake is reflected in the water, just like a mirror. I had never seen anything like this before and so I was a little too amazed by it.


Our driver also stopped at a stream with safe drinking water, where we filled up our water bottles before getting back on the bus.


We found this cute little guy in the parking lot during one of our stops, and he was very social. He would not only come right up to you, but he was very adamant about trying to steal this woman’s coat. You could tell that he loved us watching him and taking pictures of him (me in bird form?). What a ham.


When we finally arrived in Milford Sound, we boarded our tour boats and took full advantage of the free coffee and tea they gave us. I think I drank 4 cups in about 20 minutes. #brokegirlproblems. Once we finished mooching, we went up on the top deck of the boat to get a better view of the sound. This proved to be a great opportunity for selfies, but let’s be honest, what isn’t? We even got to see some seals lounging in the sun! They were so cute and I’m pretty sure seeing them made Eve’s life trip.


It just so happened that a lot of our friends from Massey were in Queenstown at the same time we were, and it also just so happened to be our friend Duncan’s birthday that weekend. Clearly the universe wanted us to give him a proper celebration and we were not going to get in the way of fate. So after we got back from Milford Sound, we showered and got pretty, and then headed out on the town! Our night started out by meeting up with two of our friends at Below Zero, an ice bar right around the corner from our hostel. We found a special deal online that gave us admission and a cocktail for $9 total, which is a great deal because typically admission is $20 and drinks are $13. #brokegirlsolutions, hollaaa. The bar provided us with Ugg boots, a giant eskimo coat, and mittens and then sent us in.

The inside was awesome. Literally everything was made out of ice– chandeliers, chairs, cups, tables, everything. For my drink, I decided on something called Happy Feet which was delicious. I don’t remember everything that was in it, but I know it had vodka (the only part that really matters anyway) and passion fruit.



We were only able to stay in the bar for about an hour before we got too cold and decided to head out and meet up with Duncan and the rest of the Americans at The Buffalo Club, where shotskis and lots of dancing ensued. Once we decided to call it a night, we headed to McDonald’s back to the hostel where we sat by the fire and had girl talk before hitting the sack.

Day Three

Day three was spent basically in the same way as day one, with lots of exploring the city  and walking by the water. The highlight of the day was watching my little Evey get her nose pierced! She was such a good sport and didn’t even cry/scream/curse like I would have.

We had so much fun in Queenstown, and I could have easily spent a couple more days there (especially if we had gone when it was a littlleeee bit warmer). After Queenstown, we made our way to Dunedin, which I will talk about next!

Have a great day, everyone! And be sure to celebrate in honor of Adora’s birthday!!!

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