Happy Monday! I am dragging ass today and will most likely not accomplish anything, due to the fact that our bus home from Rotorua didn’t get into Palmerston North until 6 am today, and I had class at 8 am. But don’t worry, I’m supplementing with lots of naps and I’m only marginally cranky.

This past weekend, 6 of my friends and I traveled to Rotorua for 2 full days of exploring, and it was amazing!

Day One

We started off our time in Rotorua by going ZORBING!! This was one of the things I was most excited to do in New Zealand and I’m so glad I an check it off my bucket list! It was incredible, and not what I expected at all. I’m going to do a separate post all about it because it was that good, but here’s a preview.


 After Zorbing, we headed back to our hostel for a really nutritious lunch of PB&J and a much needed nap. Our hostel was awesome and had its own geothermally heated pool and hot tub, so you know I took advantage of that all weekend. It was incredible. The pool was basically just a giant hot tub which was perfect since the weather was a little bit chilly!

Rotorua is basically a hotbed of geothermal activity, so there are geysers, hot springs, and hot mud pools all over. Most places have been turned into tourist attractions, but they charge you up the wazoo. We lucked out though, and ended up staying right across from the only free geothermal park in town. We took a few hours to explore, and it was really cool and REALLY smelly. These pictures are not pretty, so I apologize. But I’m pretty sure there is no possible way to take a pretty picture of a bubbling hot mud pool, so….


All of the fog in the pictures is actually steam because of how how hot the pools are. Crazy.

After walking around the park for a while, we needed a break from the smell, so we decided to head over towards the Government Gardens which we heard was beautiful (and free). We took a while exploring the gardens in front of the building and then followed a little hiking path which led us to a river. The water was really strange; it looked almost white because of all the sulphur particles in the water. It was beautiful!


 Day Two

I was a bad traveler on Sunday, and forgot to take any pictures (besides selfies, but don’t worry, I won’t make you suffer through those). A few people in our group went to another geothermal park/geyser but I decided to stay back and explore the city with the others who didn’t go with. Our day consisted of whiskey and cokes for breakfast (justified because 10:30 am is actually 5:30 pm in America), souvenir shopping, vegetarian nachos, and a 4 hour long hot tub session. So basically it was my perfect day.

 New Zealand gets me.


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