Weekend Shenanigans: Saturday in Palmy

This weekend, all of my friends decided to desert me go away for the weekend to hike Mount Tongariro. Call me crazy, but spending $100+ to go on a 8 hour hike isn’t exactly my cup of tea, so I decided to stay in Palmerston North for the weekend. It was a really nice excuse to be lazy and get some homework done, as well as explore Palmy a little more!

Here’s what my Saturday in Palmy looked like, as told by my iPhone.

I started off with an early breakfast at the dining hall. It’s nothing special, but since I’m paying for it I try to go every day. Some of the things New Zealanders eat for breakfast are would definitely be considered “strange” by American standards. For example, they serve spaghetti and baked beans on toast. I feel like I should try both because when in Rome…but I haven’t been able to convince myself yet. First of all, I hate baked beans. And secondly I have a hard time eating non-breakfast foods first thing in the morning. Maybe one day before I leave…stay tuned. ImageAfter breakfast, I headed to the gym for a 9:15 Body Pump class. I am only mentioning the time of the class so that everyone at home will be proud of me for waking up before 2pm on a weekend.ImageReally exciting visual, I know. You’re welcome. I also ran 3 miles but the visual of me sweaty was even worse than this one, so you’ll have to just use your imagination on this one.

I went back to my dorm to shower and get some reading for school done before meeting up with Shennel (the only other person who decided to stay in Palmy for the weekend) to go into town for lunch and groceries.

Pretending to do homework but actually painting my nails, as usual.

We had big plans to try out a place called “Burger Fuel.” The first day I got to New Zealand, before we had even gotten to campus, one of the students who picked us up told us that we needed to try Burger Fuel before we left, as they’re supposed to have some of the best burgers in NZ. You don’t have to do much to convince me to eat a burger. I ordered the “Third Pounder with Cheese” at the recommendation of the cashier. It came with NZ grass fed beef, melted cheddar, bread and butter pickles, dijon mustard, relish, and aioli sauce. It was SO good. Way better than Ferg Burger in my (probably unpopular) opinion. We also had a coupon for free fries that we obviously took advantage of. Try telling me that you’d rather be doing a 8 hour hike in the freezing cold. ImageImageImageNZ “relish” is actually a ketchup-y kind of tomato sauce, but it tastes nothing like American ketchup. I had complained to my mom in an email about how I hated the ketchup here and because she’s perfect she sent me some good ole Heinz! You better believe I brought it in my purse and put it on my burger because I’m as classy as they come. Hit. the. spot. After our perfect lunch, we went to Pak N Sav for groceries. Clearly I only shop for the necessities, $2 oatmeal, fruit, and chocolate. #cleaneating #justkiddingImageOnce I got home I watched about 3 hours of Harry Potter, went to dinner at the dining hall, came home to watch 3 more hours of Harry Potter and went to bed around 9:30 pm. Party animal, I know.

So there you have it. A weekend alone and I’m still alive. Moral of the story, give me lots of naps, Harry Potter, and ridiculously unhealthy food and I will be a happy girl.


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