7 More Sleeps Until Australia!

Hoooooly crap, I will be in Australia in exactly ONE WEEK from today!! I am freaking out. Like, pee my pants excited. (Except that I have to finish three huge assignments before I leave on the 31st…but we’ll just ignore that little detail for now.) We are going to be staying in Sydney for ten whole days and I’ve been basically nonstop Googling things fun free cheap things to do while we’re there. So far, we’ve scheduled most of our days out really loosely so that we have have a plan, but there’s still lots of wiggle room. The top eight things I’m most excited about are, in no uncertain order:

1) Going to see the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge and possibly the Royal Gardens. Basically all the typical touristy things aka great selfie photo ops. Get ready for an Instagram overload. I will not apologize.





2) Sydney Tower! The tower is the second tallest free-standing structure in Australia. This reminds me of the Sears Tower in Chicago! It’s basically a really high lookout where you can see the whole city. There was an option to go out on a glass platform, but I decided I want to try not to puke on this trip.

3) Walking along Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, and Darling Harbor even though it will probably pretty cold out. I keep forgetting that the seasons here are backwards from seasons in the US, and then I get really sad that I can’t go swimming. But I’m still determined to play on the beach regardless of the temperature.



4) Featherdale Wildlife Reserve!! One of my sorority sisters studied abroad in Sydney for a semester and recommended this to me, and as soon as I saw their website I knew I needed to go. It’s a typical zoo with all sorts of Australian animals, except that you get to play with them!! You can hand feed kangaroos, pet wallabies, and get your picture taken with koalas (you can’t touch koalas because apparently they’re vicious??). I refuse to leave Australia without petting a ‘roo. I also really want to eat one while I’m there, talk about a cruel irony. (Emperor’s New Groove reference anyone?)



5) Moving on to things I’m more passionate about, there is supposed to be an awesome bar in Sydney called Scubar that has hermit crab races on Monday nights. I’m not sure how this works or if they will let me play, but I’m definitely intrigued. Sydney nightlife is supposed to be awesome and I can’t wait to drink goon and see if it lives up to my Wisconsin expectations 😉

6) We clearly chose a great week to go to Sydney, because we’re going to be there during “Vivid Sydney” which is an interactive light show all throughout the city. Every night, the city has live music, interactive exhibits, and lights literally all over. We found a great deal on a 2 hour cruise around the harbor during the light show one night, and I am SO excited. Also because there is dinner included and I’m sure I will be sick of my broke girl diet of PB&J for every meal by then.

ImageSource ImageSource



7) We are hopefully going to make it out to the Blue Mountains to go hiking! It’s a few hours outside of Sydney, so it kind of depends on train times and prices, but hopefully it works out because its supposed to be gorgeous. I am willing to put aside my hatred for the outdoors in order to hike these, so that in itself should tell you its legit. Image

8) The last Saturday we’re there, we have plans to get dinner at a restaurant in Darling Harbor and watch the fireworks which they do EVERY SATURDAY. Sydney might be my perfect city. It is hard to beat seafood and fireworks in my book.

SO SO SO excited! Definitely the perfect “last shebang” before finals and then heading back to America 😦 This is just a tiny lists of the things we have planned, but my attention span is short and my brain is tired. If anyone has any recommendations for other things to do, let me know!!

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One thought on “7 More Sleeps Until Australia!

  1. I don’t even know where to start with my list of reasons of why I’m super jealous of your amazing travels. First of all…a bar…with hermit crab races?! Is this real life? Best idea ever! And the Vivid Sydney light shenanigans, ooh lala! It all sounds so amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time and I can’t wait to live vicariously through your blog!

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