Wait what?

Remember that time I used to blog? Me neither.

Let’s skip over the part where I tell you life’s been crazy/I’ve been super busy/etc. and just pretend this little hiatus never happened, okay? K great thanxxx.

I’m sure all of my readers (aka my mom) have really missed me, so here’s a bunch of pictures of me having fun that no one except for me cares about.

My favorite sister and I preparing for a Badger WIN, per usual.
Just being really cute, what can I say?
I had the honor of taking my little sister to her first Badger game
So many Thetas, so little time
Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 11.30.35 PM
Every year my family has a pumpkin decorating contest. Every year I lose. I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t understand why either.
Bout that Miley, sneaky wine, and pedicure life. Sure fire way to improve any week day, I highly recommend it.
Sister pic
Watching the Packers and drinking Leine’s. I love Wisconsin.
Just me and Binx being sisters as usual.
My favorite blondes (besides myself).
Love me some Kelsey.
Madison will literally never get old. I may refuse to go out with her ever again though, it gets way too crazy.
My best friend in the word. P.S. look how long my hair is hollaaaa
This is what happens when you ask drunk people dressed as pirates to take your picture.
Hosting Halloween in the proper fashion
The gorgeous view from the AGR house at our volunteer event on Halloween. Never have I ever not loved living by the lake.
My friend Whitney’s cat taking a break from our cuddle session.
Crazy cat lady in the making. No apologies.
Hope everyone had a day that was way more exciting than this post!!!!!

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