Throwback Thursday: That Time I Graduated College



So I’ve been an official, graduated grown up for four months now. Assuming that your definition of “official grown up” is someone who drinks 5 out of 7 days, owns one pair of dress pants and spends 90% of their income on brunch. By those standards I’m killing this adult thing. But it’s still crazy to think about the fact that just 100-ish odd days ago, I was still living in my old apartment with my best friends, going to classes every day and trying to decide which awful college bar to spend money at that night. I was recently looking back through my pictures from graduation, and I realized how grateful I am to have been able to go to Madison. I know everyone probably thinks their school is the best, but anyone who didn’t go to Madison is obviously wrong. I almost chose a different school over Madison, and I am so so thankful I decided not to. If I didn’t go to Madison, I would never have meet my perfect friends, I never would have gone to New Zealand and I never would have know the pure joy that is bacon night. I’m thankful for all four of my college years, but most especially for this last one because it taught me so much about myself, about friendship and about life. Being able to take cap and gown pictures with my three best friends in the most fun city just about anywhere has been one of my proudest moments to date (hashtag apartment 8 fo’ life). Hopefully no one reads this because it is far too mushy gushy for me to own up to, but it’s true. And even though leaving Madison was insanely hard and getting snapchats of my friends at Badger games makes me want to cry and punch everyone who’s there, I’m so happy that I’ll get to return to the terrace and to Camp Randall as an official alum. #blessed





(Photo cred to the insanely talented Jane Thompson)




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